1. cool giveaway!

  2. mariners:

    Beard envy. It happens.

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  3. hothotphone:


    Dear Humans,

    We hope everything is going well up there on land. We, the sharks, got together to write a quick note about some things that are on our mind.

    First, the positives – thanks for Shark Week. How exciting to be the only animal with it’s own week! It put those high and mighty whales…

    This is so excellent

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  4. brewers:

    You’re going to want to watch this Carlos Gomez throw again and again.

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  5. mlb:

    This double play was officially scored: 4-3-3-6-3-4-3-4-5-2.

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  8. Snow Dog/Early Thanksgiving

  9. Tools of the trade. #geartalk

  10. Bringing some color to the living room.